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Pascal Bernier

Butterflies from Pascal Bernier’s W.W.F series.

“According to theories on chaotic systems, the fluttering of a butterfly’s wing can eventually produce a hurricane. Waging war against butterflies could perhaps become the ultimate weapon in the chaos strategy.”

(Pascal Bernier)

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McKinley & Son

 Swan with gold plated bill
 Songthrush with gold plated legs
 Crow with gold plated bill

Pigeon with black rhodium legs and engraved gold ring

“Out of vogue for much of the 20th century, taxidermy has made a roaring comeback in recent years—covering the walls of cult New York restaurant Freemans; peddled at hip London boutiques Kokon to Zai and Coco de Mer (where McKinley and Son’s range is sold); and regularly featured in the work of contemporary artists such as Charles Avery, Mark Dion and Polly Morgan. “Many more people now consider buying taxidermy for their house from a shop, whereas ten years ago you would only find it with private collectors, auctions or museums,” McKinley says. Taxidermy has its roots in luxury, first appearing in homes as trophies of the hunting classes, but its current appeal, McKinley says, lies in its beauty. McKinley and Son has taken this idea one extravagant step further by involving the jeweler Hannah Martin to gild parts of the birds with 18-carat gold. “I wanted to work with some sort of a jewel or expensive material to gloss the bird up,” McKinley says. “The first bird we did was a crow, and the gold beak contrasting against the black was great.””

Taxidermy in all of its elegance and extravagance.

(McKinley & Son)

via [Nowness]

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Angela Singer

“Angela Singer has been mutating and transforming vintage hunting trophy taxidermy into contemporary artworks since the mid 1990s. Either encrusting the taxidermy with crystals and jewels, bronze flowers and beeswax, or ripping the taxidermy open to reveal wounds the taxidermist has worked to conceal, her art has attacted controversy for calling into question the unnecessary violence humans subject animals too.”

Dancing on the (fine?) line between whimsical and macabre.

(Angela Singer)

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Claire Morgan

Some of Claire Morgan‘s newer works.

As always, she makes macabre beautiful.

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