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Angeline Oei

Angeline Oei is a Singaporean based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she is currently pursuing her passion for fashion design. Her pieces are feminine and ethereal, reflecting her background in both literature and fashion design, but often incorporate darker undertones.

You can purchase these prints by her from theBowerbirds.

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Prints from Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee’s prints are crazy, colourful, and full of quirky details. Her traditional Asian heritage is clearly evident in her prints too, despite her unorthodox approach of blending watercolour with digital technology.

Learn more about Joyce or purchase her prints here!

via [theBowerbirds]

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DUDE.SG / Eugene Soh – Dustland Children

I just couldn’t resist sharing this lovely series with everyone.

From the Dustland Children series by Eugene Soh.

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DUDE.SG / Eugene Soh

Uzbekistan in a rather different light…

…and The Last Wonton Mee

“This dude from Singapore, Eugene Soh, considers himself a multimedia artist. He uses his knowledge of technology to bend and shape various forms of digital art to his will. One rarely finds him delving into the same media over long periods of time for he is constantly aspiring towards new ways to transmit his art… Being original and different from what might be considered mainstream is also a huge part of Eugene’s art work. He understands however that there is no such thing as being completely original, because somehow we have all been influenced by something one way or another as we journey through life.”

I love the heartland twist on the Last Supper!

(Eugene Soh)

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