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Ben Frost – See Inside Box for Details

‘ “See Inside Box for Details,” aims to re-evaluate our understanding of product advertising by juxtaposing unlikely and confronting elements into some of our most loved and well known consumer icons. Ben Frost confronts the conjoined twins of capitalism and consumerism with striking compositions that present a chaotic look at a seedy nature underlining pop culture, presenting sex and violence in a glamorous role.’

(Ben Frost)

via [Shooting Gallery]

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Wang Guangyi

“Classified in China under the genre of Political Pop, Wang Guangyi’s paintings combine the ideological power of communist propaganda with the seductive allure of advertising. Juxtaposing revolutionary images with consumer logos, Wang’s canvases provocate with their duplicitous message, highlighting the conflict between China’s political past and commercialised present. Stylistically merging the government enforced aesthetic of agitprop with the kitsch sensibility of American pop, Guangyi’s work adopts the cold-war language of the 60s to ironically examine the contemporary polemics of globalisation” via [the Saatchi Gallery]

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Andy Warhol

Silver Clouds

My favourite of the night – cow print wallpaper!

So I visited the Warhol exhibition at the ArtScience Museum recently (where a Harry Potter exhibition is also currently ongoing; it is unfortunately clear which is the main crowd-drawer) and it really wasn’t too bad at all. The exhibition comprised mainly Warhol staples, but it was nice to see that they had Silver Clouds and a recreated Silver Factory as well.

RIP Andy.

(Andy Warhol)

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