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Werner Knaupp

Werner Knaupp 01
Werner Knaupp 02
Werner Knaupp 03
Werner Knaupp 04
Werner Knaupp 05

(Werner Knaupp)

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David Kukla – the Edge Effect

“In March of 2012, I was awarded an artist’s residency by the United States National Park Service in southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park. While staying in the Park, I spent much of my time visiting the borderlands of the park and the areas where the low Sonoran desert meets the high Mojave desert. While hiking and driving, I caught glimpses of the border space created by the meeting of distinct ecosystems in juxtaposition, referred to as the Edge Effect in the ecological sciences. To document this unique confluence of terrains, I hiked out a large mirror and painter’s easel into the wilderness and captured opposing elements within the environment. Using a single visual plane, this series of images unifies the play of temporal phenomena, contrasts of color and texture, and natural interactions of the environment itself.” – Kukla

(Daniel Kukla)

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Lee Price

Cinnamon rolls, grilled cheese sandwiches, jelly rolls, doughnuts, Happy Meals, potato chips – it’s always a pleasure to eat .. whenever, wherever? Although these quirky pieces look just like photographs, they’re actually brilliant oil on linen works by Lee Price. Now I’ve a Happy Meal craving.

(Lee Price)

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Wanda Koop – On the Edge of Experience

(Wanda Koop)

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Dima Rebus

Water color paintings by (Dima Rebus)

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Lee Jin Ju

A baby in a bird’s nest in a tree, a tray of cracked eggs on the floor, a girl listening to music while lounging in a drain – there are many things perturbing in these serene, surreal landscapes.

(Lee Jin Ju)

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Human Anatomy in the Time Before Photography

This strangely reminds me of an exhibition I saw at the Tokyo MoMA in 2009 that was about sex and the human body, but also had ancient chastity devices alongside the illustrations…

On another note, I wonder how many kids wanted to grow up to be doctors during the day?

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