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Feminist Art – Tracey Emin – Love Is What You Want

“Tracey Emin is one of Britain’s most celebrated contemporary artists. This major survey exhibition covers every period of her career, revealing facets of the artist and her work that are often overlooked. The exhibition features painting, drawing, photography, textiles, video and sculpture, in works that are by turns tough, romantic, desperate, angry, funny and full of longing… Since the early 1990s, Emin (b.1963) has used her own life as the starting point for her art, exposing the most harrowing and intimate details of her personal history. Sometimes confrontational or sexually provocative, her work resonates with the ‘personal political’ legacy of feminist art while at the same time speaking to relationships in general. Disarmingly frank and yet often profoundly private, much of Emin’s art – as this show makes clear – is also animated by her playful and ironic wit.” via [Love Is What You Want]

Today’s exhibition at the Hayward Gallery presented a darkly humorous, yet exceedingly raw and personal view of Emin’s experiences as a near-mother, lover and daughter.

(Tracey Emin)

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