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Roberto Kusterle

Roberto Kusterle 03
Roberto Kusterle 02
Roberto Kusterle 04
Roberto Kusterle 05

Roberto Kusterle was born in Gorizia, Italy in 1948. His interest in photography began at the end of the 1980s, and focuses on the connections between humanity and nature. His images reflect an exploration into the space between dreams and realities, in a world that is subject to increasing spatial constraint.

(Roberto Kusterie)

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Catherin Colaw – Original Sin


(Catherin Colaw)

“These images by photographer Catherin Colaw are an exploration of sexuality and nakedness, vulnerability and separateness. A women’s identity is sacred and yet it is often stripped down and defined by her bare body. In this series, nudity is no longer about sexuality, but about vulnerability. Each image is a self-portrait and a meditative practice. They are performances that require a challenging stillness and trust. The dismemberment of the nude women’s body becomes a simultaneously beautiful and oppressive dialogue between the landscape and the female form.” via [iGNANT]

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Eliot Lee Hazel

Eliot Lee Hazel 07
Eliot Lee Hazel 06
Eliot Lee Hazel 05
Eliot Lee Hazel 04
Eliot Lee Hazel 03

(Eliot Lee Hazel)

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Lissy Elle Laricchia

Lissy Elle Laricchia 02
Lissy Elle Laricchia 04

Lissy Elle Laricchia 03

Lissy Elle Laricchia

Lissy Elle Laricchia 05
(Lissy Elle Laricchia)

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Hiroshi Watanabe – Love Point

Can you tell which are the real girls and which are the sex dolls?

“Hiroshi Watanabe was born in Sapporo, Japan. He graduated from Department of Photography, College of Art, at Nihon University in 1975. He moved to Los Angeles after graduation and became involved in the production of TV commercials, eventually working as a producer. He later established his own production company and produced numerous commercials. He received an MBA degree from UCLA Business School in 1993. In 1995 his passion for photography rekindled, and since then he has traveled worldwide extensively, photographing what he finds intriguing at that moment and place. In 2000 he closed the production company in order to devote himself entirely to the art and became a full time photographer.”

(Hiroshi Watanabe)

via [500 Photographers]

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Marie Queau – Paillasse

French photographer Marie Queau photographs objects that emanate a sense of unease in her series Paillasse, which title plays with the polysemy of the word in French, meaning “straw mattress”, “lab bench” or “draining board”.

(Marie Queau) via [We Find Wilderness]

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Lorenzo Vitturi – Neon Intervention

“This series of images is a site specific project that took place in a Venetian palace in Italy. The intention was to transform the historic environment of the palace into a metaphysical space playing with the contrast between classic and contemporary.”

Lorenzo Vitturi (Venice, 1980) lives and works between London, Milan and Venice. After graduating in photography and design at IED in Rome (2004) he has been on a two years residency at Fabrica, the Benetton centre for research in communication (2005-2007). Formerly a cinema set painter, Vitturi has brought this experience into his photography practice, which revolves around site-specific interventions in accurately researched locations. He uses photography to set the scenes of thoughts and ideas through the manipulation of space, following his projects from creative ideation to realization. – Artist statement

(Lorenzo Vitturi)

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