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I, Robotic Poster


As promised, we continue the series of literary and typographic posters. Today’s work reaches beyond paper as it let us experiment with different materials, inspired by a different subject matter. We tackled the classic stories of Isaac Asimov dealing with robots and robotics. Instead of choosing one (though if we had, it would’ve been The Caves of Steel), we decided to treat them jointly as a sort of anthology. We suppose this way, with the author’s name, the stories are easier to identify.

Isaac Asimov might well be our favorite science-fiction writer because we appreciate his lucidity and the fact that he usually managed to avoid the opaque philosophical passages other sf writers use to give their work appearances of profundity. In other words, he’s fun to read. Many of his stories and a few novels deal with the introduction of robots into human society. Asimov invented the famous…

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Birth of a book

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The Book Cover Archive

 Peter Manseau, Killing the Buddha (designer: Paul Sahre)
 Susan Briscoe, The Crow’s Vow (designer: David Drummond)
 Michael Skerker, An Ethics of Interrogation (designer: Isaac Tobin)
 Vladimir Nabokov, The Luzhin Defense (designer: Paul Sahre)
 Elizabeth Beckwith, “Raising The Perfect Child Through Guilt And Manipulation (designer: Jeff Miller)

Sorry I’ve been away so long. In any case, I gift to you these striking cover designs! We just can’t help judging a book by its exterior sometimes.

Images from (The Book Cover Archive)

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