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Jake Weidmann – Forging the Future with the Tip of the Pen

“In all of the art forms that I pursue I strive for excellence. As proper diction is to a great speaker, so technical skill is to me as an artist. But, a great communicator does not repeat annunciation drills when he takes the stage rather, he conveys compelling messages and articulates profound thought. So it is with me and my art. I use the skill in my hand to express the thoughts of my mind and the yearnings of my heart. A good artist is one who has a voice of his own, but a great artist is one who is the voice of those around him.

Through my art I have the ability to identify those common passions, struggles and truths that we all share as humans. I can enlighten the soul through the eyes to the beauty it has grown jaded to. A work of art has that rare ability to be the perfect silent facilitator to conversation. In a world that is flying by, it stands still and constant for all time; preserving within it each thought it conveys. If my art is to be timeless then the truth expressed through it should be timeless as well.”

Jake Weidmann is one of eleven master penmen in the world.

(Jake Weidmann)

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I, Robotic Poster


As promised, we continue the series of literary and typographic posters. Today’s work reaches beyond paper as it let us experiment with different materials, inspired by a different subject matter. We tackled the classic stories of Isaac Asimov dealing with robots and robotics. Instead of choosing one (though if we had, it would’ve been The Caves of Steel), we decided to treat them jointly as a sort of anthology. We suppose this way, with the author’s name, the stories are easier to identify.

Isaac Asimov might well be our favorite science-fiction writer because we appreciate his lucidity and the fact that he usually managed to avoid the opaque philosophical passages other sf writers use to give their work appearances of profundity. In other words, he’s fun to read. Many of his stories and a few novels deal with the introduction of robots into human society. Asimov invented the famous…

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I think he’s brilliant.

(Usugrow Official Site) (Usugrow blog)

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Feminist Art – Tracey Emin – Love Is What You Want

“Tracey Emin is one of Britain’s most celebrated contemporary artists. This major survey exhibition covers every period of her career, revealing facets of the artist and her work that are often overlooked. The exhibition features painting, drawing, photography, textiles, video and sculpture, in works that are by turns tough, romantic, desperate, angry, funny and full of longing… Since the early 1990s, Emin (b.1963) has used her own life as the starting point for her art, exposing the most harrowing and intimate details of her personal history. Sometimes confrontational or sexually provocative, her work resonates with the ‘personal political’ legacy of feminist art while at the same time speaking to relationships in general. Disarmingly frank and yet often profoundly private, much of Emin’s art – as this show makes clear – is also animated by her playful and ironic wit.” via [Love Is What You Want]

Today’s exhibition at the Hayward Gallery presented a darkly humorous, yet exceedingly raw and personal view of Emin’s experiences as a near-mother, lover and daughter.

(Tracey Emin)

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Joseph Egan – Anamorphic Typography

Literal word play by Joseph Egan (with fellow students from Chelsea College of Art & Design)!

“Our work encourages the viewer to walk into and around typography, an immersive experience considering that their usual relationship with type would normally be realised on a two dimensional surface be it printed or computerised. Being able to appreciate it physically painted onto walls of buildings which the viewers are used to interacting with every day draws attention to the beauty of typography and at same time highlighting the architectural forms that it adorns.”

(Joseph Egan)

via [bumbumbum]

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Daniel Peter

via [Buamai]

Posters by Swiss graphic artist Daniel Peter.

(Daniel Peter)

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Micah Lexier and Christian Bok

Word play by artist (Micah Lexier) and poet (Christian Bok). The letters and punctuation marks used in both show windows of the art gallery are the same.

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