Roy Wang – 天下/ Universal Balance

Roy Wang’s latest project, 天下Universal Balance, is a kinetic sculpture that questions the necessity of individualism and the importance of the individual in a society highly shaped by external influences.

To execute his ideas, Roy cross-fertilized the Eastern philosophy of Daoism withWestern techniques, resulting in a piece that combined art and science in its technical execution. As stated by the artist:

Daoism talks about the concept of Qi (气), which soundly depicts the idea of flux. At the same time, it fundamentally hinges on the idea of dualism, emphasizing on the integration of opposites, naturalism with human actions as a means to attain transcendence. In this case, Daoist ideologies allows the emphasis of coexistence between opposites in a constant flux, forming a universal balance (transcendence), which is also the title of the project.

The sculpture is also created with the four treasures of the Chinese literati – ink well, ink, rice paper, and rice paper – as inspiration. The outcome is captivating; intricate flowers blossom and collapse across a smooth black plain of ink amidst a background of solemn drumbeats.

天下 / Universal Balance from Roy Wang on Vimeo.

Learn more about Roy Wang and view his art prints on theBowerbirds’ website (here).

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