Molly Rausch – Stamp Paintings

“Molly Rausch writes, paints, and builds treehouses in New Paltz, New York.
She grew up in Maryland and really enjoys mailing people things. These paintings began 14 years ago with an envelope of foreign stamps from her dad and a small, empty bookbinding project she didn’t know what else to do with.

Each stamp painting begins with an actual postage stamp that is glued down to the paper. Then Rausch paints around the stamp, extending the scene, with watercolor and gouache. As a result, the paintings are quite small – usually around 3 inches tall. Everything is done freehand with a brush; she does not use pens or pencils. She does not paint on the stamp itself. And she does not research the subject, so the extension is completely invented and should not be tested for accuracy.”

(Molly Rausch)

via [Colossal]

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  1. yosephvera

    wow, very nice way to enjoying stamps, nice post.

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