Kathryn Parker Almanas

Photographs from Pre-Existing Condition (2010), Spellato (2008-2009), Dissector and Dissected (2006-2007) and Pastry Anatomy (2006).

“Kathryn Parker Almanas, 1981, USA, is a conceptual fine art photographer who also focuses on making collages. She received a BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and an MFA at Yale University School of Art. Inspired by a personal experience with bodily illness, her work deals with the universal themes of corporeal existence, anxieties and phobias connected to the world of medicine. In her series Pre-Existing Condition she uses food as a stand-in for the body and its organs. Pastry, jellies and fruit juices become flesh and blood, creating abstract images of “the parts of ourselves both essential to our survival and responsible for our death.” In her earlier series Pastry Anatomy she “treated” various pastries as a surgeon or lab would. Her work has been exhibited throughout the USA.” via [500 Photographers]

(Kathryn Parker Almanas)

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