Daily life in China

 Chinese people perform dancing exercise at a park near the Tiananmen Gate in Beijing, China. (March 22, 2011) (Andy Wong/Associated Press)

 A child steps out of an entrance used to prevent cold air from getting into a market in Beijing, China. (March 21, 2011) (Andy Wong/Associated Press)

 A Chinese man eats a snack outside a food shop in Beijing, China. (March 22, 2011) (Andy Wong/Associated Press)

 A scavenger selects metal material from a garbage dump in Shanghai, China. (March 7, 2011) (Eugene Hoshiko/Associated Press)

 A pet shop worker washes an ermine at a pet shop in Beijing. Exotic pets are growing more common as residents’ income levels rise in the Chinese capital. (January 30, 2011) (Ng Han Guan/Associated Press)

 Women entertain elderly people at a nursing home in Beijing. (March 29, 2011) (Ng Han Guan/Associated Press)

 A vendor sits at his stall selling garlic and cooking ingredients in Hutong alleys in Beijing. (March 8, 2011) (Andy Wong/Associated Press)

 Workers from a nightclub wait for customers along a bar district in Nanjing, in eastern China’s Jiangsu province. (March 31, 2011) (Ng Han Guan/Associated Press)

via [The Boston Globe]

An insight into the everyday lives of individuals living in China.

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