Jonathan Blaustein’s One Dollar Project

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One US dollar worth of shurfine flour, double cheeseburger from Macdonalds, organic grapefruit, conventional grapefruit, tomatillos from Mexico, candy necklaces, panko breadcrumbs from Japan, shurfine white bread, potted meat food product, organic basmati rice, tea biscuits from Spain, shrimp flavored ramen noodles, beef shank, pork floss, fenugreek seeds from India, saffron, side salad with ranch dressing from Burger King, escargot from Indonesia, organic blueberries from California, and dried smelt — these are the foods that Blaustein has photographed for his One Dollar Project.

I really like how this project exemplifies the vast disparities between food types consumed by different groups of people, and in turn, their lifestyles and living habits, in such a simple but effective manner. That one organic grapefruit costs the same amount as four ordinary grapefruits is food for thought indeed.

(Jonathan Blaustein)

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