Sculptures by Ron Mueck

On the Spooning Couple: “One’s initial assumption is of cosiness and affection. There isn’t any obvious antagonism of the kind recorded in Paul Muldoon’s poem Asra, where a couple “wake before dawn; back to back: duellists”… And yet … all is not well. They are not as comfortable, as relaxed, as they seem at first. Both sets of eyes are open – without eye contact. They are thinking. In silence. About what? We can only guess. Her unclothed torso is turned away from his clothed torso. His naked lower half is against her knickers. The T-shirt is unironed, its white muted. The knickers are somehow indeterminate – the faded colour purple that results when whites get washed with items which aren’t colourfast. Romantic it isn’t.” Craig Raine, the Guardian

These surrealistic sculptures aren’t new by any means, but the parallels Ron Mueck portrays in his pieces are nonetheless astounding.

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